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Hughie is a big Broadway production that is watched by hundreds and thousands of people. It was a successful stage play time and time again. It is not surprising that the people behind the scenes are among the bests as well. 

Meet the people behind one of the best productions on Broadway below. 


Forest Whitaker 

Forest Whitaker plays the role of Erie Smith in Hughie. He was a multi-awarded actor, director, and producer recognized by many award-winning bodies. He is widely recognized for his role of Dictator Idi Amin in the Last King of Scotland. He appeared in countless of movies that have been a blockbuster hit locally and internationally. To say that his brilliance keeps the light shining in the industry is playing it down low. You can see him next working closely with the cast of Star Wars: The Rogue One. 


Frank Wood 

Enjoy the brilliant portrayal of Frank Wood of the role night clerk in this theatrical play. With years of experience preceding him, it was not surprising the Hughie was such a hit. Wood is a veteran actor that frequents the stage long before he was cast as part of Hughie on Broadway. He also has experience playing a part in popular tv shows including “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Law & Order.” Aside from Broadway, you could also see him performing at other well-known theatres in the country. 


Michael Grandage 

A good play is nothing without the guidance of an equally good director. For Hughie, it was Michael Grandage who made it possible. Known for his brilliance in directing Broadway place, with Hughie, he once again has proven his talent in creating exceptional plays in and outside of Broadway. His masterpieces were mostly star-studded with Nicole Kidman starring one of his most recent projects.  


Catch Hughie soon on Broadway.