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We are always flattered on how our audience sees the product of our labor. We are very proud of what we have achieved in the eyes of those who watched Hughie themselves.  

All of the reviews and testimonials listed below are not filtered and not in any way twisted to our benefit. In fact, we encourage people to express what’s in their mind starting with their honest review of our craft. You could post your own. Just list it down below. 

“Michael Grandage has done it again – has shown the world its talent in directing something that not only would be an inspiration to people but would reflect the daily struggles of an ordinary man at present. Working with Eugene O’Neill is one grand plan to conquer the theatre world. Everything was brilliant and flawless that I just have to watch it again to believe it.” – Pablo  Monteaur, writer and critique 

“Seeing Hughie the first time is simply amazing. Every portrayal was from the heart of the actor. It brought me to tears several times because of the heartbreaking story of disappointment and hope. It was portrayed freely that I thought I was a bystander watching a real day-to-day scenario unfold.” – Bella Martin, Novelist 

“Hughie was of the greatest plays I have witnessed. It was filled with substance and drama that would make you tear up no matter how much you try to make it stop.” – Mimi Barton, student 

“Whitaker made my hair stand up. Great masterpiece. He has proven that he is a legend one should watch out for.” – Zoc Dominov, Entrepreneur 

“Hughie is like one roller coaster ride after another. O’Neill once again proves that he is one of the greatest playrights ever lived. Everything was perfect for make-up, props, projection, acting, and even the direction. Had to go back again to bring my wife and daughter.” – Mitch Statum, Creative Director