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Hughie is one of the most anticipated stage plays of the year. With one of the best stories told portrayed by multi-awarded actors and actresses of this age, and directed by one of the most brilliant directors of this time, it is not surprising that it awakens the curiosity of many.  

We have been receiving so many inquiries regarding this play, and we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our followers for the reference of others. 

Is Hughie a film? 

We have been receiving inquiries on whether Hughie is a film or not. It is not a film, but a theatre plays wherein every scene is played with creative props and music accompaniment. Witness talented actors do it live and be amazed by the beauty of performances that are not filtered not edited in front of the crowd. 

Where do we get the tickets for Hughie? 

For tickets on this theatrical play, you can email us at the email address provided on our contact page.  

When will this be shown? Will this be a one-time showing stage play? 

Our schedules are posted at our online bulletin. You can check your preferred schedule there before purchasing tickets. There are 2 scheduled showing for each day that would run for 21 days. 

Can we still return the tickets we purchased and exchange it for a different date? 

Sorry, but this is not possible. This is why we highly encourage everyone to check first the showing schedule and reconcile it with your personal schedule to avoid this inconvenience. Every seat we have during the showing is allotted to an audience, no standing on the sides allowed. 

Is recording the play allowed? 

This is definitely a no-no. Likewise in any movie/film, you’ll watch. We’re into anti-piracy and we want our plays to maintain its integrity and quality. 

Have more questions you want us to address? Talk to us today.